About Us

Legendary Past
Global Presence

A widely renowned indenting house that has a quite fruitful mixture of experience and young talent, which makes S.B.R. & CO OF PAKISTAN (PVT.) LTD., the perfect fit as an organization operating in the 21st Century.

S.B.R. & CO. is an internationally known indenting house that has collaborations with numerous multinational manufacturers of Chemicals despite its young workforce. It has always maintained a strong brand image due to exceptional discipline and professionalism we have shown in our countless dealings. The management is extremely capable of handling the business the way it should be due to their boundless experience in marketing and indenting in the sub-continent dating back to over 75 years.

Our focus on transparency as well as client satisfaction has elevated us to be a great marketing team that not only that delivers the results meanwhile ensuring client’s satisfaction.

With an extremely wide range of services, S.B.R & CO. Is not only ready to face the challenges of today, but is well equipped to handle the rapid changes developing with the passage of time, as they come along.